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23 September 1983
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Hi, I'm Alecia. I'm your average twenty-six year old female, and I live just outside of Wilkes-Barre PA. I may be quiet and reserved when you first meet me, but if I like you, it won't last long. I went to college for Recording Engineering, but I'm currently a teacher at Little Meadows Learning Center in Dallas. I have a tattoo and I want another one. I love hockey and baseball. I do weird things sometimes, but they're usually the result of a few shots of Jägermeister. I sing and dance to my iPod and I honestly don't care if anyone's watching me. I can't fall asleep at night unless I hear the rain, crickets chirping or music playing. Once I am in water (the ocean, a pool, a tub, a puddle), it is extremely difficult to get me out of it. I'm a regular Blood Donor for the Red Cross. Due to my (lack of) height, my friends like to call me Keebler. I hate apples and I get nauseated if I smell them. I love Halloween and everything having to do with it. It fascinates me that scent is the biggest trigger of memories. I love to read. I'm single, and I love the freedom it brings. I love to drive more than I love a lot of things in this world. I also love to sleep; my mother tells me that I was sleeping all night before I was a month old. I'm a Libra and I like to weigh all of my decisions before I make them, but lately I've had a tendency to say, "The hell with it," and do as I please without much reguard to any consequences. Stupid? You tell me. But right now, I'm enjoying every second of it, and what the hell is life worth if you don't enjoy it?

"...The world's a roller coaster
And I am not strapped in
Maybe I should hold with care
But my hands are busy in the air..."

Because I want to make sure people arent *that* weird, this journal is Friends Only. Contact me to be added, but just a warning: I dont usually add people I don't know in "real life." But if you seem cool enough, I'll let it slide.

I created and mod wbspenshockey, and my photo/randomness journal is thebetterlife83.
I also created and own the I Hate Mark Ardelan Club on Yahoo Groups, and I use Ventones for my ringtones - it's free, and not a scam, I promise. :-)

And to check out all of the Fanlistings I've joined using my Livejournal as a homepage, click here. It's a public entry, so everyone can see it. :-)

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